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the process
Embroidered Logos

The secret to perfect embroidery

1. You send over your design or logo via email to specifying the type of garment/item and the type of fabric that is to be embroidered and the make of embroidery machine that you will be using.

You can send your file in any of the following file formats: Jpeg, EPS, PDF, Illustrator or as a scan, fax or even hand drawn on a good old fashioned piece of paper!

(Did you know... if you’re having a creative block or you just need some help with a design or logo we are happy to work with you.  We can take your ideas and turn them into a design you’ll love.)

2. Using our many years of experience and creative flair your design or logo is redrawn into a format which can be read by an embroidery machine, a computerised stitch file – this is your digitized design.  The different areas of colour are separated so that they can be stitched.

3. The digitized design or logo is checked to ensure it meets our stringent control quality control. We check for:

  • Colour – colours are assigned on our colour palette as they appear unless you specify the thread colours by reference number
  • Density of stitch
  • Length of stitch
  • Flow of design

Our quality checks are carried out giving due consideration to the fabric and type of garment which you wish to embroider and the type of embroidery machine being used.  Our aim at K & A Design is to work with you to produce the perfect digitized design.   We understand that different fabrics, garments and machines can produce different results.  Each of our digitized embroidery designs and logos are produced to suit your individual requirements.

4. Once the digitized design has passed our internal quality checks we send the design and Run Sheet, in PDF format, for your information.

Our digitized designs are usually produced as DST file formats but using Wilcom digitizing software we can generate files in various embroidery file formats, just let us know what you need.

For the secret to perfect embroidery digitization  and a stress free life call K & A Designs on 01440 762792.

Why choose embroidery for your garments or promotional items?

  • It’s permanent and long lasting
  • It’s versatile – suitable for text or images, one colour or full colour
  • It looks expensive and gives a perception of quality and style
  • It looks professional.

When done properly embroidered garments and items get you noticed.