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the team
The K and A Team

Keith Williams

The K of K & A Designs Ltd Keith is the founder and creative force behind the business.

With qualifications in Art and Design and Graphic Design and over 16 years of experience in the embroidery industry Keith has the right credentials to deliver the attention to detail that makes the difference between an embroidery design that looks ordinary and something amazing.

A consummate perfectionist Keith regards the creation and transformation of designs into digitized logos as an art form!   Whilst this may sound slightly geeky Keith doesn’t really fit the stereotypical geek profile!

If Keith was a Mr Men character it would be quite difficult to pin him down to just one – he’s a combo of Mr Chatterbox, Mr Perfect and Mr Cool!

“Oh My God Keith, you're a genius, the logo is brilliant. Thank you so much, will definitely be using your services again.”
Pam Flower

Amanda Williams

Amanda is the A of K & A Designs Ltd and is the steadying influence within the business.  A very capable lady Amanda takes care of the day to day running of K & A Designs. Answering the telephone, looking after the accounts as well as utilising her seven years of experience of digitizing designs for embroidery are all part of Amanda’s remit.  She is also responsible for tempering some of Keith’s wackier business ideas!

If Amanda was a Little Miss character she would be Little Miss Wise, using her womanly intuition to keep K & A Designs steadily building on the strong foundations laid since the company started in 2001.

David Thompson

David is the latest recruit to the team, joining K & A Designs Ltd in November 2010 as a Trainee Digitizer to support the increasing customer portfolio.  David has a sales background, working for many years in both retail and corporate sales roles.  The move to K & A Designs is a complete career shift for David and one that he is really enjoying.

If David was a Mr Men character he would have to be Mr Clever as he amazes the rest of the team with his intelligence and his aptitude for learning all there is know about embroidery digitising from the Jedi Master himself – Keith!